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The Brazilian butt lift is all about making you feel
confident in your skin. Get the lifted, perky, and
curvaceous body you've always wanted - all while
removing fat from unwanted body areas!

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What is a BBL?

The BBL or Brazilian Butt lift is a plastic surgery procedure that helps increase the size of the buttocks using a patient’s own fat from other areas of the body. During this procedure, fat is removed from the hips, abdomen, lower back, or thighs and then transferred into the buttocks.

Many women are turning to the Brazilian butt lift procedure to improve the size and shape of their buttocks and a curvier appearance. Our team at Cosmetica Plastic Surgery & Anti-Aging offer buttock augmentation options to help women gain the desired look they strive for.

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brazilian butt lift



Depending on the techniques used, a BBL procedure lasts 2 to 3 hours on average.



General anesthesia is typically used during a BBL.



Enhances the buttocks' size, position, and contours.



The BBL results are extremely long lasting and usually permanent. 


Recovery Time

It may take 2-4 weeks to return to daily activities.

BBL Process

A lot of patients don't know that a Brazilian Butt Lift takes place in two parts.

Most of the results achieved in the Brazilian Butt Lift occur with the Liposuction of the waist and lower back (The Sacrum).

With the removal of fat from these unwanted areas of the body, the Brazilian Butt Lift works to lift and contour the buttocks and enhance the entire body for a complete transformation.

Common areas that fat is taken from include parts of the body that unwanted fat accumulate, like the abdomen, hips, waist, back, and thighs. Once the fat is removed from these areas, it is purified, processed, and reinjected into deep layers of skin areas in the buttocks, revealing natural-looking results.

BBL Techniques

Many patients reference celebrity or social media trends when choosing their desired look. There are many ways of sculpting the buttock, depending on the patients' body type, goals, and desired look, and BBL's are not the same for each patient.

Fat can be removed or added to sculpt, shape, and contour specific areas of the gluteal region to provide different outcomes. 

Here are some popular methods used for the Brazilian Butt Lift:

Miami Thong Lift

This method includes making tiny incisions where the thong goes, between the buttock, and performing Liposuction. The fat that was removed from this location is injected back into areas of the buttocks to create a more lifted, voluminous look to the backside.

The Butterfly Lift

Depending on the severity of the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, this technique may be used to place a longer incision where the thong goes, between the buttock, running up and outward. This incision enables excess skin to be tightened and lifted. 

The Inner and Posterior Lift

For patients who have laxity of the skin on the inner and outer thighs due to weight loss or naturally loose skin, the Inner and Posterior Lift can be used for treatment. An incision is made around the groin during this technique, keeping the scar hidden in the groin area. If a posterior lift is performed, incisions are also made in areas under the buttocks. This procedure lifts the buttocks, lateral thighs, and posterior thighs.

The C Lift

This procedure lifts and tightens the whole gluteal area by applying the Miami Thong Lift, Posterior Lift, and Butterfly Lift techniques. The incision is in the form of a C shape to tighten and lift the outer and upper areas of the buttocks.

How much does a Brazilian Butt Lift cost? National average cost

2 C bbl - lipo

The cost of your Brazilian Butt Lift depends on how extensive your procedure will be and how many techniques are combined and applied in your procedure. The average price of a Brazilian Butt Lift is around $ 6,500. However, they can range anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000. At Cosmetica we will consider your goals and current body type at your free consultation when calculating the cost.

Is Brazilian Butt Lift dangerous?

Like any other surgical procedure, there are risks for complications during and after a BBL that is important to be aware of.

Although uncommon, some risks involved in a BBL are infections, bruising, bleeding, blood clots, excessive blood loss, necrosis of fat, cardiac complications, bad reactions to anesthesia, and in worst cases, fatality.

There are ways to reduce any complications during and after your BBL significantly. These include choosing a highly skilled and capable expert, taking the medications recommended by your surgeon, correctly using compression garments, and getting post-operative massages to reduce swelling and prevent post-surgery infections. 

How is the recovery process of a BBL?

Recovery can vary significantly among different individuals.

When considering certain factors, such as the location of the incisions, type of lift performed, and amount of fat removed/added, the recovery time can take anywhere from two to six weeks, with the first two weeks limiting physical activity.

Compression garments are used after the procedure to decrease bruising and swelling. The surgeon will give instructions on using compression garments before the surgery.

Vigorous exercise or activity should be avoided during the first month of surgery until confirmed approval in a post-op appointment.

Am I a candidate? Who are the best candidates for a BBL?


The best candidates for this procedure are individuals at an average weight desiring to change the size or shape of the buttock while removing fat in other areas of the body.

  1. You feel that your buttocks lacks fullness, size, and shape due to genetics or age and are looking to improve its volume and contour.
  2. You are in good general health for a surgical procedure and can tolerate the anesthesia.
  3. You have realistic goals in mind that can be reached with the BBL procedure and there are times that some patients do not have adequate good fat for transferral.
  4. You avoid smoking and consuming alcohol for the specified time period, 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after surgery.
  5. You do not have excessive, sagging skin around the region of your lower buttocks. If you do, you may still be a candidate if you undergo surgery to remove the skin prior to undergoing the BBL procedure.

With a free consultation appointment, our team can discuss if a BBL would be beneficial for you, as well as what realistic results to expect.

Preparing for a BBL

You can take steps to ensure the best healing process for your BBL.

Before having a Brazilian Butt Lift, you will be prompted to complete some pre-operative labs and tests.

To improve the recovery process, you are encouraged to maintain a healthy lifestyle, including a healthy diet, sleep pattern, good hydration, and avoiding smoking and alcohol.

Preparing your garments, including loose clothing that is needed for healing, is an effective practice to prevent any last-minute clothing preparations.

Make sure you fill any prescriptions or get any recommended medications before your surgery. Finally, mentally and physically prepare for the recovery process that may require sitting down and staying in place for an extended period.

We charge $100 consultation fee for your first visit that will be applied against your surgery fee

Frequently Asked Questions

During a BBL, fat from donor areas in a patient’s body is transferred to the buttock, enhancing the size and shape of the buttock while decreasing fat in other areas of the body. A Buttock Implant procedure includes placing silicone implants above the muscles in the gluteus areas. BBL results are known to look and feel more natural than implants. At Cosmetica we don't recommend or use implants.

The amount of fat that can be transferred depends on different factors, including the amount of fat in donor areas of the body, the amount of space available to move the fat to. Some patients achieve good results with 200 cc of fat, other patients may need 800 or more cc.
In Florida, a physician can remove up to four liters of fat from a patient, and it is recommended that patients have a BMI of 30% or less.
Making a free consultation appointment is highly recommended to know more details on the exact amount that can be transferred.

A skinny BBL is an excellent solution for individuals seeking to enhance the size and definition of their buttocks, but lacks body fat. This procedure is performed on patients with slimmer body types and who are considered underweight for a BBL, with a BMI less than 25.

Weight fluctuations, whether it be weight loss or weight gain, can potentially change the results of your BBL procedure.
Keeping a healthy lifestyle and a steady weight can help to keep the results consistent from your BBL.

In most cases, BBL results in minimal visible scarring due to the location and depth of the incisions. More significant surgeries that require incisions along the inner and outer thighs and under the buttocks will leave more scarring.
However, the scars are usually small, fade over time, and are hidden within the body's natural creases.

Every surgery takes time for recovery, and it is essential to follow post-treatment guidelines for safe healing. After having your BBL restrict activity for at least two weeks, avoid any scented lotions or soaps or scrubbing around the treatment areas, swimming pools, or any submersion in water with chemicals and activities that cause sweating. Take any recommended medications and use the compression garment for the recommended usage.

A post-operative Lymphatic Massage is highly recommended to help reduce swelling, excess fluids, and scarring. A Lymphatic Drainage Massage will also help to enhance circulation, drain toxins and improve tissue health.

After a BBL, the body needs time to recover and stabilize. It is recommended to wait 4 - 6 weeks until working out or other strenuous activities. Exercising before the recommended wait time can impact the procedure results or cause more significant health risks. Wait to be cleared by your physician before resuming your workout routine.

Our Safety Program

The Cosmetica Plastic Surgery & Anti-Aging Patient Safety Program involves our patients, surgeon, nurses, staff, and patient families or other caregivers all working together toward a common goal: Assuring the safest possible surgical experience.

Steps to Ensure Your Safety

At Cosmetica Plastic Surgery & Anti-Aging, your safety is our number one priority. To make sure that we do everything possible to maintain your safety, we have formalized our steps into The Cosmetica Plastic Surgery & Anti-Aging Patient Safety Program which includes these elements:


We ask you to describe in detail any medical problems, medications you take, and any previous surgeries. This allows us to understand any special needs you may have.


We send anyone with questionable or known medical problems to see their primary care physician or any necessary specialists prior to recommending surgery.


Since all of our surgical patients have been deemed to be good candidates, it has proven to be quite safe for you to recover at home with contact from our providers.


We uphold the strictest hiring and educational criteria in our nursing staff to make certain you are well cared for by qualified staff before, and after your procedures.


We have the most modern monitoring and life-saving equipment on site. We maintain a binding transfer agreement with the Cleveland Clinic, should there be a need for hospital care following a procedure.


We provide detailed pre and post-operative teaching with written instructions to you, so you know what to expect before and after your procedure. We have 24-hour physician coverage.

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